We are collecting folk and traditional songs and stories from different cultures. We are posting here regularly new videos of the songs we have learned from people around the world.

24. ALGERIA: Alaoui (trad. Algerian) - in coll. with Nabil Saadi and Mouloud Mammeri

23. ESTONIA: Siimaniseeli (trad. Estonian - with Etno Histeria orchestra 2020)

22. FRANCE/DENMARK: Ai vist lo lop - Jeg så en ulv (trad. Occitan / Danish)

21. FINLAND: Veljeni valkea

Vilma & Sami 2018-2019 Highlights

20. VENEZUELA: Flor de cacao

19. TURKEY: Hovarda Mustafa - with the ChilEtno 2019 Orchestra

18. SWEDEN: Pegasus Polska (Ale Möller) - with ChilEtno 2019 Orchestra

17. BELGIUM: Spotlight (Anne Niepold)

16. CHILE: A mi palomita
Dedicated to the people of Chile

15. FINLAND: Kaik mie ilot unohin (trad. Ingrian Finnish)
At the Viljandi Folk Festival with Ethno Estonia 2019 orchestra

14. FINLAND: Mies kaukaisen maan (Vilma Talvitie)
Solo projet from Vilma Talvitie (FIN), in collaboration with Sami Kurppa (FIN)
Video by Annukka Valo & Veikko Niemi (FIN), with the assistance of Sami Karkar (FR)

13. FINLAND: Pelkkä vettä (Vilma Talvitie)

12. BRAZIL: Iya Ominibu (trad. from Bahia) feat. Otis Selimane Remane

11. ARGENTINA: Chacarera del triste (Hermanos Simón) feat. Otis Selimane Remane

10. ARGENTINA: Coplas de agua (Juan Quintero Munoz)

9. FINLANDIA: traditional wedding song from White Karelia - Kylä vuotti uutta kuuta

8. BRAZIL: performed with ChilEtno 2019 orchestra - Anunciação (Alceu Valença)

7. FRANCE: Be n'èi ua gran tristessa (trad. from Vallée d'Ossau, Béarn, France).
Performed with ChilEtno 2019 orchestra.

6. CHILE: Saltos: Loco Omar and La Nusta (trad. from fiesta de la Tirana y Tarapaca).
Performed with ChilEtno 2019 orchestra.

5. CHILE: El Cigarrito (Víctor Jara)

Our concert in Folkmarathon Porto on Jan. 2nd 2019

4. FRANCE: Cathedral (Cocoon)

3. FINLAND: Silakka-apajilla (Veikko Lavi)

2. FRANCE: Assise (Camille)

1. SWEDEN: Det brinner en eld (trad. from Dalarna)

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