As a Finnish-French World Folk duo with a little touch of Tunisia, Vilma & Sami explore music from all around the world. They collect folk songs and stories from the people they meet. The result is a blend of different cultures, from different countries and languages. With their colorful stories and strong stage presence, Vilma & Sami take the audience on a magical journey around the world. 

Since 2018, Vilma & Sami have led workshops and performed concerts in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Estonia, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Tunisia. 


Multi-instrumentalist (voice, piano, guitar, accordion, harmonium...) and Finnish singer-songwriter, Vilma Talvitie has a knack for weaving stories of her worldly travels into her colorful songs and lyrics. With her main influences being Scandinavian folk, pop, and most recently, Indian music and dance, Vilma finds herself writing, singing, and playing with a number of different ensembles. As founder of folk/pop band, "Valma & Varsinaiset", and world music duo "Vilma & Sami", Vilma continues to light up stages at folk festivals, concert halls, and schools. She also regularly performs as a soloist and with cover band "Duo Vimma". Vilma just completed the final year of her Master of Music at the University of the Arts Helsinki.


French-tunisian musician and multi-instrumentist (percussions, guitar, voice, piano), Sami Karkar has navigated on many seas of the music world. Educated as a classical percussionist, Sami quickly started exploring other styles, such as jazz, rock, latin music, and african music, while maintaining a strong activity as a classical musician. He eventually fell into the realm of folk and traditional music, following international workshops, and later working as a facilitator in international music camps for young artists. He has worked with many ensembles, such as classical orchestra Orchestrale Banlieue, Jazz-rock fusion band Jazztice, ska/reggae band Les Skaliers de Secours, or pop/rock band E-mynd. Also a trained scientist, Sami has graduated a PhD in music acoustics and the physics of musical instruments from Aix-Marseille University.

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