Summer 2021

What have V&S been doing this summer? Well, here are a few highlights...

Ethno Finland 2021

This 6th edition of the Ethno Finland international folk music gathering is a miracle. With all the restrictions due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, it went very close to being cancelled several times. However, thanks to the perseverance of the two main organizers, Vilma Talvitie and Laura Kuisma, it did happen.

Vilma has led the camp as both main organizer and main music mentor, during that week of intense music learning, arranging, rehearsing, and finally performing.

Sami has helped mostly with organizing evening social activities, and of course by playing percussions with the orchestra!

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Ethno Estonia 2021

Vilma worked as an artistic mentor, arranger and leader at this youth music camp with around 60 young musicians from many different countries.

Sami has been helping with mentoring the guitar section, and eventually played drums to help the rhythmic section that was short on musicians.

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Watch our latest video "Alaoui" (trad. Algeria)

Made in Tübingen, with Nabil Saadi and Mouloud Mammeri, May 2021
(part of the "100 songs around the world" project of Vilma:

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